A-S 3900 - Assignments

A-S 3900





Writing Assignments


Paper #1 (due Saturday, January 27 by midnight)

Topic: "What is the most important factor we should take into account when considering the threat of terrorism?"


Paper #2 (due February 17 by midnight)

Topic: What would you recommend as the most effective action we can undertake to combat terrorism?


Instructions for both papers:

  • Writing style: these papers are essays. You are staking a position in response to the questions. You must state clearly what your position is, then justify it with support (evidence, data, logic).
  • Length: two pages minimum (i.e., one and a half pages will be 25% short).
  • Font: double spaced, 11 pt Calibri or Times New Roman
  • Bibliography: any sources you utilize whether from class readings or elsewhere should be listed in the bibliography. Citations in the text are unnecessary.
  • Submission: send to me by email. I will confirm receipt the following morning.
  • Late policy: one letter grade (two points about of 20) for every day late.