PSCI 1050 - Election Week

PSCI 1050




Tuesday Class (November 3)

Our class this week is on election day! That means that we cannot discuss the results, though. So I want you to watch some of the pre-election coverage anytime over the weekend or Monday. You can do this on any of the 24-hour news channels or by pulling up sites on the web.


Some tips for watching coverage on the web:

  • Search for election news" on youtube and select the newest clips.
  • Watch clips or livestream at
  • Watch livestream at (I could not find a free livestream at any other channel).

You're welcome to read as well. Just make sure what you're reading is from the last few days.


Issues we might discuss on Tuesday:

  • What are the key issues that differentiate the parties and the presidential candidates?
  • What issues mean the most to your generation? Of those, which are being addressed in the campaign and which are not?
  • What are you not seeing in the two presidential candidates that you'd like to see?
  • What do Michiganders appear to care about? (We are a battleground state after all.)
  • Why might the popular vote and the electoral college results differ?
  • What is the quality of the media coverage of the campaign?
  • I will also leave it up to you to bring of points of interest or questions.

Thursday Class (November 5)

With any luck, we'll know the outcome by Thursday. There is concern that slow mail vote counting and close races could delay key results; in addition, there is a possibility that one or both presidential campaigns will launch lawsuits over some aspect of how election day went or how the vote counting is going. If that is the case, we'll have plenty to talk about in that regard.

Assuming we have results, some questions we might discuss:

  • What appears to account for the successful presidential campaign? And why did the loser lose?
  • Do you expect the next president to address issues that concern your generation?
  • What gives you hope moving forward? What worries you?
  • Why did the Michigan vote (whether for president, senator, House rep, or local races)  turn out the way it did?
  • How well is the media covering the results, including any controversies?

I will also leave it up to you to bring of points of interest or questions.