PSCI 2500 - Online Component from March 16

  PSCI 2500




Online Education Class Component

Remote Class Sessions in Response to COVID Measures

Starting Monday, March 16


In our March 11 class, you expressed preference for the following parameters as we move from face-to-face classes to online education:

  • Real time class meetings at our scheduled time.
  • Interactivity.
  • Recording capability for later playback.
  • A mechanism to reward keeping up (an attendance surrogate).

We will use Webex, a program for which WMU has a site license. You have two options for how to use it:

  1. Access it in your browser (preferably Chrome, Firefox or Safari) at Log in with your WMU userid and password.
  2. (optional) Install the app to your laptop or desktop after completing step one.

Whichever option you choose, you'll next need to find my "personal meeting room." It's at through the browser or look up Jim Butterfield in the app. An alternative link that might work just as well is (this link might open up a download option for the app).

If you have difficulty getting into the system, call the IT Help Desk at 269-387-4357. This is another reason to try early; you may be on hold for a while if you do call.

When you enter the meeting room, use your real first and last name. (Dasha will remind anyone who doesn't do so, and if you don't change to your real name, she'll remove you.)

Note the following:

  • I will open the meeting room 15 minutes before class starts. You will not be able to find it before then.
  • Once we get underway, you will be able to hear my voice. I do not plan to use video. What you will see instead is the powerpoint slides.
  • Be logged in and in the meeting room by noon. Don't start the process of getting logged in right at noon or you will miss opening slides and comments. (The first day will be more relaxed as we get used to the format and program.)
  • Please turn off your microphone. There is an icon near the bottom of the window that is a typical microphone icon. Leave it off throughout the class.
  • Turn off your video as well by clicking on the video icon next to the one you just clicked. 
  • I will lecture just as I do in class. Open discussion may or may not be possible, but I am not optimistic without more experience. And the occasional breakout discussions that you had at your tables will fall by the wayside, I'm sorry to say.
  • You might find using a headset or headphones to be an advantage. That is up to you, though.
  • The interactivity will be through text chat within Webex. Dasha will be monitoring it and will make sure I get to all questions.
  • I will be recording each class session in 20-25 minute segments. They will be accessible afterward to those who cannot make the class time or anyone that wants to review all or a portion of the material. I will post links to the recorded sessions along with the slides on the course web site.
  • I will prepare a 5-10 minute quiz based on the class session on elearning after it is over and will let you know when it is posted. To get credit for "attendance," you must complete the quiz and get at least half the points within 24 hours of posting. Questions will be in multiple choice format and will look much like your regular chapter quizzes.



  • Exam II and the final exam will be take-home exams, probably thorugh elearning. Study guides will be posted in the week before the exam dates.


Chapter Quizzes

  • These do not change.


In-Class Papers

  • We will not do the final two papers. (Your grade will not suffer.)


Office Hours

  • We have two ways to communicate: email and through one-on-one Webex meetings. Start with an email message letting one of us know that you'd like to talk and some times when you are available (be as flexible as possible). We'll let you know as soon as we can and how we'll proceed.  This holds for both Dasha and me.