PSCI 3440 - Sources

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Guidance for Researching Your Role

Don't just google! In fact, mostly avoid google. Your goal is to look for source material from reputable publications. And do I need to say this? Don't use Wikipedia, especially for something as controversial as this subject matter. There is no oversight of quality or accuracy. Use this project to gain skills in seeking information without using either standard search engines (such as google) or Wikipedia.

Start here: Waldo's PSCI 3440 Library Guide, put together just for this project.

This will help you zero in on more suitable source material than what will show up in a standard google search. Look for articles and analyses in scholarly journals (but recent since the conflict is only four years old), reputable news sources, and think tank publications ("gray" literature). Because some of the conflicts are relatively recent, assume that you will not get much information from books.

To find news agencies from the countries and territories, you may google them. For example, googling "Abkhazia news agency" brings up ApsnyPress, the State Information Agency of the Republic of Abkhazia.