PSCI 6400 - Assignment

  PSCI 6400




Your major assignment for this class will be a research paper and corresponding presentation. You are to select the topic in conjunction with me about half way through the semester. It may be a case study or a thematic study. The paper is to be in-depth and be not less than 4,000 words, not including bibliography.

I will assign dates for your presentation after consulting with you. Be aware, however, than I may not give you the date of your choice. The dates for the presentation are the last three class sessions of the semester.

Your paper will be due to me in written form as a Microsoft Word attachment five days before the presentation date. I will convert it to pdf format and post it on the course web site. All students will be expected to read each paper, prepare comments and (importantly) critique.

The final version of your paper - to include revisions based on comments in class - will be due six days after your presentation. Late penalties are severe: one full grade penalty for each day late.

Use Chicago style for citations.